The Fortune Teller

Posted Jun 12, 2011, 10:46:28 PM UTC

Completion Date: 04-19-11
Time Taken: +18 hours
+ 11 x 15 watercolor paper
+ 05 mechanical pencil (HB graphite lead)
+ Pelikan watercolors
+ Prismacolor colored pencils
+ Prang colored pencils
+ Prismacolor markers
+ Copic markers
+ Lefranc & Bourgeois gouache paint (White)
+ Table salt
+ Sharpie Poster Paint pen (White and Gold)
+Adjusted and watermark added in Photoshop CS2
+ Spiritual Spiral - Dralion - Cirque du Soleil
+ Blue - Cowboy Bebop
+ Corset Theme - Teddyloid
+ Beauty is within us - Scott Matthew - Ghost in the Shell: SAC
+ Torukia - Gabriela Robin - Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2nd GIG OST
+ Utai III ~ Reincarnation (2.0 Ver.) - Kenji Kawai - Ghost in the Shell 2.0

Finally done! * A *
This has been a long time coming sort of piece. I actually started it back in February before school slaughtered my freetime and I had time to actually sit and toil on it. Earlier this week I pulled it back out and decided to finish it for the con this weekend. :D I'm actually surprised that I managed to finish it in time! GO ME.

The characters in this piece are actually new and old fffff. I went on a "revamp your old characters" rampage and my first victim was one of my oldest naga characters, Makaiha. He was in desperate need of a new look and some much needed love, so he definitely got it. I redid his history, personality, and well, everything. XD So now he's a fortune teller by trade and a bit of a diva which I think is clear. He has some psychic abilities such as precognition, mind reading (limited), and projection but mostly he just uses it to tell fortunes and make money. Or get his way. Yanno. ....yeah.

And the two lovely little creatures with him are his servants/attendants/assistants, Hiba (left) and Hime (right). They actually twin enchanted koi fish that have the ability to take on a human form along with holding some telekinetic abilities. Makaiha picked them up on one of his exotic and expensive trips after falling love with how adorable the two were. He adores dressing them to match and just generally making them his little dolls, fffffff, not that the boys mind it. They love Makaiha as he's the only family they've ever known. But enough of my blah blah, I decided to put them all in a piece together!

I unintentionally made it look like a tarot card, a lot of people that saw me working on this commented that it reminded them of a card. XD But hey, it works!

Artwork, Makaiha, Hiba, and Hime © 2011 P. Lolla (*souls-poison)
Do not use without permission. Artwork and characters copyright P. Lolla (*souls-poison); All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, and/or redistribute under penalty of law.

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