Cenkle Warrior

Posted Aug 8, 2010, 10:25:21 PM UTC

This is my contest entry for Knuxtiger4's Creature Contest on DA.

For now I'm calling this creature a Cenkle.
This particular one is a warrior from his clan. All warriors wear a feather on their left ear to indicate what rank they are. There's black: a low level, gray: experienced, red: leader, and white: elite. White would be the highest rank.
They are primarily forest creatures, hence their brown based colors.

The raptor claws on their front legs are used in face to face combat along with their tusks and hands. Scars are very common on warriors and really males altogether. The spurs on their back legs are used for defense in case they are snuck up on. They have quills with an irritating toxin at the end of their tails, used both in combat and defense.

Their eye sight is very poor, they can see basic black and white figures. Their main sense to know the world is a combination of their hearing and smell.

They are very fast and enduring striders and have impeccable coordination and reaction time. They are very well suited to running in the dense forests.

They are fairly intelligent and civilized for beasts but don't like the presence of humans much. They will not hesitate to kill a human trespassing on their turf.
They mark their territory with a combination of spraying scents and carving into trees with their claws.

Male size: 8'6'' tall and 13' long (front leg to tail tip)
roughly around 1400 lbs

Female size: 6' tall and 10' long (front leg to tail tip)
roughly around 1100 lbs

Cenkle and art (c) me

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