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Posted Jul 6, 2009, 4:59:35 AM
Completion Date: 05-25-09
Time Taken: +72 hours
+ Sketched in Opencanvas 1.1
+ Colored and watermark added in Photoshop CS2
+ Tamana - Niyaz
+ Gypsy Rhapsody - Bond
+ Shine - Bond
+ Ballare - Cirque du Soleil
+ Hinko - Cirque du Soleil
+ Main Hoon Romeo - Roadside Romeo
+ Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire

Finally finished.. @[email protected] Download for full view, this thing is freaking huge..
Xylia's updated reference sheet for =RoguesofAxiom and for the sake of getting rid of the old one. *shudder* Not much has changed about her other than skintone and her clothing. Her clothing was inspired by [link] and [link] *loves this site like whoa* Still the same old Xylia. And now, bio time~ 8D

Name: Xylia (pronounced: "Zye - lee - ah")
Somebody: Ayli
Nicknames: --
Age: 23
Birthday: May 28th
Gender: Female
Race: Nobody
Affiliation: Rogues of Axiom
Occupation: Rogue Organization Member
Proof of Existence: The Neuropathic Sylph
Weaponry: Brass zils (4 inches in diameter)
Ability: Control over seizures/convulsions
Home World: Agrabah - City
Lesser Nobodies: --

Physical Description
Hair: Black with two long streaks of neon blue in the back, the rest of the hair fades from black - violet - neon blue at the tips. Long (past the hips to the mid thigh) with a slight wave towards the ends. The bangs are parted to one side and hang over her right eye, while on the left side there is a single section that curls and lays against her cheek, two long sections also fall over her shoulders and hang over her chest. The length of her hair is pulled into a high ponytail with two looped and braided sections consisting of the neon blue streaks. The remainder of hair is braided into individual sections and clasped by three gold rings on each end.
Eyes: Black with variating blue iris and white pupils
Complexion: Tanned
Height: 5' 6”
Physique: Curved, moderately toned
Distinguishing Marks: The curse marks that run over both eyes; one line from hairline to jaw, the second from eyebrow to the middle of her cheek. A blue bindi on the forehead. On her chin the mark spreads over her lips, which are the same blue and a spiral mark on her tongue which remains unseen. Both wrists are banded along with her ankles, and on her right thigh. From her navel and around her ribcage up to her shoulder, the mark turns into another spiral similar to the one on her tongue.
On-Duty Clothing: Modified Organization Coat - The coat is the standard black color with wine colored trim around the pockets and a silver zipper down the middle. The sleeves are capped and cover little to no shoulder. The back of the coat has a gathered section that tapers and is lined with the same sheer wine material as her normal clothing.

Mission Clothing: Mission clothing consists of the modified coat and custom dance wear.
Off-Duty Clothing: Long sleeved clothing such as sweaters and hoodies, long skirts, saalwar kameez, and comfortable fitness clothing. Most of her wardrobe, aside from dance wear, is very modest and covers a great deal of skin for reason of the curse marks.

Reserved and silent, Xylia often chooses to stay well away from others for a number of reasons. She is a socially inept individual and prefers to keep to herself in her personal life and duties. Xylia is incapable of physically speaking, part of the curse she carries and so that more often than not makes situations very uncomfortable for her.

However, the large blue brooch she wears is enchanted and thus gives her the ability to mentally speak into someone's mind when she wishes to communicate. This lack of basic human communication has made her shy away from nearly everything to do with another living being. She is naturally a respectable and confident person, confident to a degree. If placed in a social environment, she is very shy and nervous and usually makes it a key point to disappear as quickly as possible. This tends to make her a bit guarded in the sense that all are kept at arm's length or further.

However, for those that manage to get close to her and get past the barrier of social anxiety, she is very caring and very much so a pleasure to be around. She enjoys teaching and sharing what she knows with those close to her and occassionally will share physical contact with them (such as a hug or handshake).

Likes: Quiet, dancing, Nuxx, deserts, spicy foods, music
Dislikes: Water, obnoxious loud people, people in general, indecency, overly sweet foods
Quirks / Random Tidbits:
- She hates water. Passionately. It takes a lot of coaxing for her to swim, let alone go near it.
- Secretly afraid of cats
- Enjoys dancing alone in her room
- Is very open to Nuxx and extremely comfortable near him
- Likes decorating (Usually her own room)
- Modest and conservative to a degree

Xylia's ability is a rather unique and complicated in its mechanics. She cannot use her power unless she has her weapon, which is the pair of gold zils that come at her beckoned call. These zils harnass her power and emit pulse waves that jam the signals in the brain, thus causing seizures and convulsions in her opponent. Depending upon her level of concentration and the duration of time the person is subjected to these waves the effects can be minor to severe; even causing death.

She does not enjoy causing death with said power, but should the opponent prove to be troublesome and she has no choice, she will resort to such. Xylia can hold her own with said ability, but more often than not she prefers not to fight as it puts her in the position of possibly being harmed.

Fighting Style
Xylia's fighting style is a a fusion of raqs sharqi (bellydance) and a few stances picked up from watching Nuxx. The fluidity of her movements makes it easy for her to evade hits and also confuse her opponent. She has a great deal of stamina, usually outlasting some of the tougher competition.

Strengths: Long-Range Combat (as long as she is within the opponent's range of hearing), Evasion
Weaknesses: Close-Range Combat

Snake Arms: (Long-Range) A basic "attack" in which her arms move methodically slow like serpents, hypnotizing her opponent for a moment.
Zil Storm: (Long-Range) The zils are played rapidly, intensifying the severity of the neuron jamming waves. This move can cause severe brain damage or death.
Snake Stance: (Close-Range) A move used only when an opponent comes too close. She will evade the blow while quickly twisting herself around to end up behind said opponent to give a chopping strike to the back of the neck.
Tiger Stance: (Close Range; rarely used) Used in a last attempt to get the opponent out of close-range. She will take a wide stance to purposefully leave herself open, allowing the opponent to come in closer and be flipped over. In doing this flip, both arms of her opponent are broken.

Flee: If it appears that the fight cannot be won, she will run and portal away.

The Neuronic Pulsar: The wielder of this keyblade is granted a boost in stamina once it is equipped. The special ability of the keyblade grants its user the ability to shock its opponent with a neuron blast, stunning them for several seconds.

Other World Forms
(Her blue curse marks are in all world forms.)
101 Dalmatians: Saluki
Atlantica: Blue Ring Octopus
Halloween/Christmas Town: Dead Fortune Teller
Lady and the Tramp: Saluki
Lion King: Cheetah
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Gypsy
Hercules: Centaur

"Tamana" by Niyaz - Main Theme
"Slow Descent" by Knossos - Sexy Theme
"Lord An's Empire" by Czech Film Orchestra And Chorus; Matt Dunkley - Slow Dance Theme
"Youm Wara Youm (Kochonez Remix)" - Samira Said & Cheb Mami - Fast Dance Theme
"Sleep" by Hughes Hall - Mission Theme
"Milan" by Karsh Kale - Relaxation Theme

Artwork, Xylia © 2009 P. Lolla (*souls-poison)
Textures from [link]
Brushes from [link]
Font from [link]

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