Posted Jun 12, 2009, 4:16:37 AM UTC
Soooooo....basically the last week I have been in a Disney hype. Yes, reliving all those great classics^-^ And The Little Mermaid happens to be my favorite of the Disney princesses. So, I decided to try and draw her in my style...with a bit of the original. Hence the reason for the appearence of really tiny waist.--which is also because she is turned at a weird angle--

Anyway, it is done with my complete new style! And I am very happy with how this came out as well.

And if anyone is interested in coloring this, I would be very flattered and curious to see it. I don't really color, so it would be cool to see something of mine colored. If you do have such a wish, then just mention it in a comment or something. ^-^

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