Posted Sep 25, 2008, 7:24:24 AM UTC

(Please full view!!) Wow...okay I think out of most of the pieces I've done, this remains one of my favorites. My opinion of course, you may not agree, but anyway...yeah. This was a birthday present for Pariahsdream (circa 2005) because she's just so darned awesome.  I also happen to love these characters, so I couldn't resist. These are our Star Wars OC's Adran (mine) and Layla (Lee's) at an ancient grove with Stonehenge-y rocks and stuff. I'm really pleased with how this pic came out. I'll shut up now thought before I bore you all.

Artwork and Adran Kedra © Ruth A. Collins
Layla Sunrunner © L. Mynatt

This one is going for my myocs100 009 Autumn prompt because I just love it so much.  Not that I'm doing terribly well keeping up with that particular prompt list.  o_O

DO NOT use, copy, alter, or distribute (this includes MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) without my expressed permission.

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  • Sep 25, 2008, 8:20:55 PM UTC
    Still one of my favorites too, up to the unas in snow. I love the warmth of this image and I love the way you translated her usual red coat into a cold-weather one. <3




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