Posted Feb 9, 2003, 8:00:00 AM UTC
Start: March 13, 2000 in 5th Period (AP Chem. Class, Silver Creek HS, San Jose, CA) End: February 3, 2003 in A&I dormitory room D340 (third day of Lunar New Year) Medium: on printer paper, use lead pencil, Sharpie (black, blue, and red), Zebra’s Zazzle Fluorescent Highlighter (blue, pink, purple, red, and yellow) (Starting from back row to front, left to right)Neigh the Horse, Kiwi Chitins, Beaver, Krazy, Similez, Red Mouse, Mr. Americana, Mitochondrio, Flat-beak Duck and Red Ridding Hood, Punch-bag Clayman, Brain, Rabbit Moe, Mr. Slick, Stark Starz, Madame Blindness, Beefy Beefstick, Mona Lisa the Duck, Catfish, Symmetrical Bull, Hella Big Ear Ghetto, Jumpy Jympy. Faces is just a composition of stuffs. I decided to draw this in High School AP Chem class. Just to amuse myself

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