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PaperDemon 2020 Erotic Art Calendar Project


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There's no question the online social media space has become the modern equivalent of the art gallery. But with most art and social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Deviantart banning sexually explicit content, artists creating erotica are finding themselves with less spaces to express their creativity. The PaperDemon community is one of the few spaces that dares to stand for freedom of expression.

Your support of this community driven project helps us continue our mission to help freedom of expression. Profits support as well as Electronic Frontier Foundation to support their fight for world-wide online freedom of expression.


Product Information

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Physical Wall calendar

12 month high quality glossy print wall calendar containing 12 lovely works of uncensored erotic art.

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Digital wallpaper

12 desktop wallpapers, each with a different work of uncensored erotic art, one for each month with a monthly calendar.

Gimme the Wallpapers

demon censor NOTE: These products contain adult content in the form of sexually explicit imagery. Previews may be censored with this demon. However, the final artwork in the calendar will be UNCENSORED.

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About the Calendar Project

Wouldn’t it be lovely to add a little extra sexiness to your life? Perhaps something on your wall with different beautiful and sensual pieces of art for every month of the year? If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, then you need to check out our Erotic Art Calendar; a project lovingly created by artists of the PaperDemon community.

We at PaperDemon are a sex positive, LGBTQ+ friendly community. Because of this, we provide the Red Curtain - a safe haven for artists to unleash their darkest desires and kinky fantasies. Through purchasing one of our calendars, you’ll be supporting this effort. Consider buying an extra for that *very* special someone. Heck, you can even stuff their stockings with it, for an extra sexy surprise!

All artists dedicated their time and craft to help support their community and raise money for a good cause out of love and appreciation for the PaperDemon community. You can read more about why they love PaperDemon so much in the artist bios below. Please lend us your support by making a purchase.

misha preview

Why support PaperDemon?

PaperDemon is an art and writing community dedicated to strengthening each of its members’ creative goals. We do this through a supportive community without boundaries or judgement. We provide acceptance, motivational, and creative challenges. Our community uplifts its membership so that they may accomplish their very best.

Many artists have felt frustrated with the restrictions present on many art sharing sites and social media platforms. Many don't allow erotica, especially if it contains graphic nudity, and some like Tumblr used to allow erotic art but have since changed their policies, purging all adult content (known as the Tumblrpocalypse), leaving artists to pick up the pieces and start over elsewhere. The Red Curtain of PaperDemon has existed for over a decade as a place for artists to share and express this side of themselves. By supporting this calendar, you allow us to continue to give a voice to erotic artists.

Are you a creator of erotic art or writing? Are you looking for a safe haven to express yourself? Consider joining our community!

You have the power to make an impact

Please help us spread the word by sharing on social media and telling any of your friends who might be interested. In fact, tell all your friends! You never know who could harbor a secret, dark desire for more sexiness in their life!

Support Erotic Freedom
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Artist Bios


My name is Sha, I am a self-taught artist from New England, USA. I co-founded Celestial Time Miracles with my brothers; CTM is our art group based around webcomics, art, stories, music, and other creative projects. I love PaperDemon for it's supportive community, and I enjoy participating in their monthly challenges!

Social Links:
May art
May by Alexandria


I'm called Hushicho, and I've made a name for myself in mature storytelling...which of course includes erotic tales! I'm a strong opponent of censorship, and I've been fighting against censorship and unfair treatment for my whole career. Of all the sites out there for creators, PaperDemon is the very best. It's the only one I feel I can trust, it has the best community, and I'm honored to be a part of it. With the severe shortage of sites out there that really foster creativity, it's more important than ever to support those few that respect their creators and give them freedom to create. And part of that is being able to create freely, which includes accepting and even celebrating work by and for adults.

Social Links:
April art
April by Hushicho
September art
September by Hushicho


Hi my name is Susie and I'm the founder of PaperDemon. My artwork has been seen by millions of people as it has appeared numerous times on Google's homepage through my prior work for Google as a Google Doodler. The PaperDemon community has meant so much to me because it has allowed me to have a positive impact on artists around the world. I'm continuously humbled by how incredibly skilled and supportive this community has become and it is with great honor that I continue serving the needs of artists and help them have a place to fully express themselves.

Social Links:
January art
January by BogusRed


I love PaperDemon because it feels like a safe space to share my NSFW drawings. The community is very nice, creative and so inspiring.

Social Links:
December art
March by Sommer-Drossel


I initially came across because of the Red Curtain while I was seeking a safe haven to post both NSFW art as well as regular. I started drawing again after a 10 year hiatus, at the same time began writing my story which has become webcomic “Matriarch” knowing full well I would be looking for the freedom to express sexuality and LGBTQ+ themes in my work. Not only can I share without fear on their community website, but the community gave me the courage to step out and begin sharing my story with the world.

Social Links:
August art
August by ChipperChartreuse


Knife has been creating erotic artwork and fiction for eight years. They are happy to support PaperDemon as a safe haven for creative and erotic freedom.

Social Links:
November art
November by Knifequeer


(3rd Artfolio Timeline): A genetically modified she-enigma BFA'er, pro illustrator & concept/character/storyboard artist with neon-drenched, cyber, grungy & 8-way run inspired thoughts! Convoluted, combo breaking, alluring & spunky has always been the name of this game. >:D

I haven't been a part of PaperDemon's community for long and have honestly been more of a lurker than anything, but I think that having a safe space for NSFW work on the internet is very important; Red Curtain provides just that for hundreds, if not thousands of artists throughout the years! I've scoured through the pages of many artists who were here and those who left their legacies; it makes me feel as if I was here during those years all along while looking at the artwork. Very inspirational and intimate.

Even though if I would have found it when I started drawing NSFW art, I still would have been 4 years too young to join. It would have TOTALLY been worth the wait, though. Hehe.

Seeing how PaperDemon has been around since the early 2000s, that alone makes me feel confident and proud in the authority this art community has!

Social Links:
February art
February by Torablue


I've been on Paperdemon since 2010, where I post my artwork. I have stayed with Paperdemon for a long time because I like the community, and it will always have a place for NSFW artwork.

Social Links:
July art
July by SchwarzerAlptraum
October art
October by SchwarzerAlptraum


Hello! Thank you for considering supporting our Paperdemon community! It has become an invaluable resource to me of inspiration to create through communal encouragement and challenges.

Social Links:
June art
June by DragonLadyBarbour


I've been drawing traditionally most of my life and like for the last five years been practicing it digitally and I love it. Love manga and anime and love to draw yaoi stuff. I love to read fanfiction, that is where I found a lot of inspiration for my drawings.

I'm using this opportunity to get people to know me across Paperdemon since I haven't post that much and since my creativity and muses have come back to me I'm planing of building a strong gallery for people to enjoy.

Social Links:
June art
December by Red277


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Quantities are VERY limited. For US orders, place your order by Dec 16 to get in time for Christmas